Class Reunion Survey

As promised, here is a first step in the planning process for our 50th Class Reunion. It's a brief, general survey to find out your thoughts about how we should celebrate number 50. (As most of you know, ELHS '64 hasn't had any reunion since number 25, in 1989.)

The survey also will go, via email, telephone, or snail mail, to the non-member classmates. I have some sort of address for most of the 69 non-members. 

Please have a look and give some thought to your answers. The general results  will be available on the site, so you can get an idea of what your classmates have said.

Question 1. Do you think the Class of '64 should have a reunion in 2014? If so, would you like to attend?

Question 2. Should this be a one-day/one-night celebration, or should we plan multiple events (e.g. a picnic, event at the school, tour of the town, dinner)?


Question 3. What is the most important thing you would like to get out of the reunion?"



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1)   Do you think the Class of '64 should have a reunion in 2014? If so, would you like to attend?